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-Hi Parents-

The Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday galleries are now online!!

I’ve created a little sneak peek slide show below so that you can see what the images will look like when retouched.  They’re beautiful!  The Thursday & TEAM pictures will be up in just a few days, so check back!

Thank you ALL for signing your talented gymnasts up – it was such a pleasure to be able to capture their love for an amazing sport!  If you didn’t know, I was a competitive gymnast myself and a coach for over 22 years.  I grab every opportunity I can to be in the gym working with children: helping with goal setting, increasing their confidence & self esteem, and documenting their hard work & dedication!  I commend you ALL for having your kids so cutely pictures ready during such a crazy time of graduations and summer vacation :)  Your hard work paid off – their pictures are AWESOME!!!


To view ALL of your pictures:

1.  Log onto:

2.  Scroll to find the correct day for your gallery.

3.  Enter in YOUR email address and THIS password: pega_2012 (must be lower case)

4.  For ordering questions, click HERE 

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**  Place your order within the first week (by July 3rd) and save 10%.  You must use this promo code: PEGA10 (all upper case)

…………………………………………………….. Ordering Gym Sries……………………………………………………..

Did we photograph your gymnasts ‘Cartwheel’ Series or ‘Back Walk-Over’ Series?  There are great pictures to have and great accomplishments to celebrate!  To order, simply select 1 image from their series and add it to your cart.  I will know to create the entire series.  In the drop down menu, select ‘Gym Series’ and choose your size.  In the instructions, please include your child’s name.

Back Walk Over by competitive gymnast

…………………………………………………….. PRE ORDER PERKS ……………………………………………………..

A HUGE Thanks to all who placed pre-orders!   Your perks are based on a 20% savings :)  Check your inbox for promo codes :)


…………………………………………………….. SPEND AND RECEIVE ……………………………………………………..


The perks just keep on coming!  By now, you that we love photographing gymnasts… did you also know that we photograph children & families?  With our ‘Spend & Receive’ promotion, every $$ spent on your gymnastics order goes towards your family portrait session!


* Spend $100 on gymnastics pictures and receive a $100 gift certificate towards family portraits

* Spend $150 on gymnastics pictures and receive a $150 gift certificate towards family portraits (perfect for a mini session on location!)

* Spend $225 on gymnastics pictures and receive a $225 gift certificate towards family portraits (that’s a complimentary session on location!)


For samples of our latest children and family portraits, click HERE


Thanks again everyone!  If you have any questions, I’m just a click or a call away.  Let me know you saw these and leave a little comment below.  ~ erica


Inspired by yesterdays ‘Tribute To Dad’ post, I went back over the past two years of portrait sessions searching for pictures of dads being used as JUNGLE GYMS!  Of course, I wasn’t completely surprised to find that in most of my family portrait sessions dads were: throwing kids up in the air, tossing ‘em up side down, giving piggy back rides, pushing little ones on the swings and offering their arms as a simple seat to rest in.  What can I say?  My work is ALL about capturing personalities and that wonderful family dynamic!  Dads [and moms!] provide comfort and support, encouragement and motivation – all the while, being big kids at heart!  Below are a few of my favorite shots – capturing dads doing what dads to best :)

With two cuties in gymnastics – Mike & Cindy are definitely jungle gym parents!

I just love the silly sweet faces kids make when being tossed in the air and swung upside down.  Nothing in the world but good ‘ol fashion fun can create this kind of laughter  :)

My fiance Rick with our God Son at the San Diego Zoo.  Why walk when you can piggy back?!

Go Andy GO!  With a daughter on the way, a little father / son time becomes precious – and a great work out!

….and when all the above has taken its tole, we have dads who help their little rascals explore!

A little rest from all that play.

Now that we have Bogey [our furry, four legged, lush of a kid!] my fiance and I have started to celebrate Mothers & Fathers Day as a family.  It may have simply been his desire for Mimosas this past Mothers Day morning that sparked our celebration – but nevertheless, it’s sweet & fun.  Like any parent, we love reminiscing about all of the silly little things are bully does and we completely acknowledge how much joy he’s brought into our lives!    Not to mention, he drools as much as every infant/toddler I’ve ever met!!  I now know why everyone suggests getting a dog before you have kids.  We’re happy we did :)

In honor of Fathers Day, I wanted to create a highlighted Tribute-to-Dads of all kinds….. dads of furry, four legged friends; first time dads; dads of an entire family clan; dads to all girls [oi vey!] Grand Dads and the God Dads.   So this week, I’ll be sharing all of the sweet, quirky, heroic & loving  father/family moments I had the honor of capturing over the past 6 years.  I hope it helps you all to realize just how important you are!

Todays Tribute to Dad post highlights the Rudkin Family!

Melissa sent me the BEST description of the family EVER [soon to be highlighted in our get-to-know-you forms!] – letting me know that their ’3 year old is a little fire cracker with a wild main of curly hair to match’ [love it!] and that their 10 year old, who is super athletic but a bit shy at first, is totally playful with dad, loving to tease and climb on him. Most kids LOVE turning their parents into their own personal jungle gym ;)  Check out jungle-gym-dad below – AWESOME!!

What a beautiful family you are – it was such a pleasure running around the park with you guys!!

I thought it would be great to start off with one of my most recent portrait sessions – The Oller Family.  We had a fun play date at Waluga Park – the perfect place for their little 1 year old to enjoy her new found [walking] independence!

Happy Fathers Day Ryan!  It was wonderful spending the morning with you, Sarah & your little cutie.

Look at those wondrous eyes!  With loving, helping hands – she’ll explore the world.

I had such a fun time with the lovely ladies of Champagne Wedding & Event Coordination!

Established in 2009, Mandi & Rachelle have put together a sought after team of coordinators.  Taking the stress away, they’ll help the planning process remain fun, exciting and enjoyable!   What bride wouldn’t want that?!  As a bride to be, that’s on the top of my list!

As a new addition to their studio in the pearl (excitedly, I started sharing the space in early March!) I get to see their hard-at-work-smiling-faces often :)  When asked to photograph a few new head shots for the team, how could I resist?!  Not only was it a great way to get to know them just a bit better,  it was also the perfect opportunity to test shooting here in [and around!] the studio for the first time.  And. I. LOVE’d IT!!

Scroll below and enjoy the lovely faces of Champagne!

Hair & Make Up done by the fabulous girls of  Face Body Beauty!


What an honor!  I was totally flattered when Nadia, of Creations by Ly asked if I would join the room she was sponsoring at Weddings of the World last month.  Of course.  I LOVE her work, and adore her!  Rick and I are lucky enough to have her by our side, coordinating our wedding :)  Ha.  I can’t even tell you how comforting that is… even just to say!

Weddings of the World is the Pacific NW’s largest multi-cultural wedding show.  The event showcases three themed rooms: The Asian Wedding Showcase (sponsored by non other than Creations by Ly – pictures below!), a Russian Wedding Showcase & an Indian Wedding Showcase.  Talk about inspiration – ALL rooms were amazingly designed!   For bride & grooms to be, it was a wonderful way to see how visions transform.  For me, it was also a great day for mingling with other very talented wedding industry folks!

As no photographer goes anywhere major without her camera, I was able to capture the magic that Nadia and her team created in the Asian Wedding Showcase.  Check out her work below!

Check out these gorgeous linens.  BeaUtiful!!  I love the pop and elegance of purple & gold!

Beautiful gold table cloth at asian show case

A gorgeous tea ceremony with a very cool ice sculpture!  Check out: Wynter Ice Scultpures – pretty impressive ;)

asia tea ceremony at wedding

Talk about brilliant creativity.  Making magic with Baby’s Breath!

Beautiful asian wedding table scapes

I’m a sucker for these beauties!

Beautiful flower arrangements by Nadia Ly