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As many know, I made a permanent move back to Southern California just before the holidays.  Happily surrounded by friends, family & sunshine – I’ve settled into a charming guest house in the heart of Toluca Lake.  Though I was devastated to give up my Pearl District studio, I was equally excited about the potential for portrait sessions in my new home!  The light flowing into every room just screams of yumminess.  SO, when Angel and his wife [old friends from high school] contacted me about photographing their two daughters – I thought to myself; ‘I know the perfect place!’

We started their portrait session right here in the bedroom of my home studio.  Shhhhh – only a photographer would design her bedroom in the style of a photography set ;)  The backdrop offers a sweet, intimate and dreamy feel – perfect for two adorable, brown eyed girls!   Hold on to your heart strings – these two brown eyed beauties are gonna melt your heart!




Ok, I HAD to show these – look at their little toes!!  It’s only at these ages that toes are this cute!

Though Angel & Jaqueline opted for portraits that focused mainly on their two little girls, I’m so happy to have capture this picturs above.  Look at how his little two year old beauty gazes at him so lovely.  LOVE it.

After wrapping up here at my home studio, we headed to a near by church.  [St. Charles Boorromeo] The colors & architectural details here offered the perfect compliment to the pictures we’ve already captured!

Angel & Jaqueline, it was a pleasure to see you both again.  It was an honor to photograph your little girls.  I know I’ve said it a thousand times – but they melt my heart!!!

To view your slideshow, click on the link below and make sure to turn up the volume.  Enjoy!