Inspired by yesterdays ‘Tribute To Dad’ post, I went back over the past two years of portrait sessions searching for pictures of dads being used as JUNGLE GYMS!  Of course, I wasn’t completely surprised to find that in most of my family portrait sessions dads were: throwing kids up in the air, tossing ‘em up side down, giving piggy back rides, pushing little ones on the swings and offering their arms as a simple seat to rest in.  What can I say?  My work is ALL about capturing personalities and that wonderful family dynamic!  Dads [and moms!] provide comfort and support, encouragement and motivation – all the while, being big kids at heart!  Below are a few of my favorite shots – capturing dads doing what dads to best :)

With two cuties in gymnastics – Mike & Cindy are definitely jungle gym parents!

I just love the silly sweet faces kids make when being tossed in the air and swung upside down.  Nothing in the world but good ‘ol fashion fun can create this kind of laughter  :)

My fiance Rick with our God Son at the San Diego Zoo.  Why walk when you can piggy back?!

Go Andy GO!  With a daughter on the way, a little father / son time becomes precious – and a great work out!

….and when all the above has taken its tole, we have dads who help their little rascals explore!

A little rest from all that play.