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If March remains the month of photographing friends and their beautiful families, I’ll be one happy photographer!  I may just have to set that month aside for portraits of friends year after year ;)  It had been quite a while since I saw Blair, a wonderful friend from my teenage years.  Seeing her for the first time in so long was great.  Seeing her for the first time as a mom – WOW! Blair, I couldn’t be happier for you!!  You are a radiant, fun loving and warm spirited mom to such an adorably handsome little boy.  You and Darren are truly blessed.  It was so much fun spending the afternoon capturing these precious moments for you. I’m already looking forward to it, time & time again!

We started their family portrait session off with an intimate, casual feel in the bedroom of my home studio.  The soft light the afternoon is perfect for capturing the black & whites that Darren is so fond of, as well as Tristans melt-my-heart-flirtatious googly eyes.

Blair is playing peek-a-boo with Tristan from outside on the deck – there’s nothing like the sight of mom & dad to make a little one light up!

Oh those eyes!  This one below just might be on display [life size!] in my studio.  I’m a sucker for vintage fire trucks and adorable toddlers :)

It’s so sweet to see little boys and their dads – Darren, I love these shots of you two!

Above is one of the last family portraits we captured of the day – I think it may my absolute favorite!  Classic & timeless.  You two have started a beautiful family!! I know it was important to you both, that we capture Tristan’s personality and spirit – especially before turning the big 1 year.  I hope these become pictures [captured moments] that you look reflect upon fondly.

xoxo ~ erica

As many know, I made a permanent move back to Southern California just before the holidays.  Happily surrounded by friends, family & sunshine – I’ve settled into a charming guest house in the heart of Toluca Lake.  Though I was devastated to give up my Pearl District studio, I was equally excited about the potential for portrait sessions in my new home!  The light flowing into every room just screams of yumminess.  SO, when Angel and his wife [old friends from high school] contacted me about photographing their two daughters – I thought to myself; ‘I know the perfect place!’

We started their portrait session right here in the bedroom of my home studio.  Shhhhh – only a photographer would design her bedroom in the style of a photography set ;)  The backdrop offers a sweet, intimate and dreamy feel – perfect for two adorable, brown eyed girls!   Hold on to your heart strings – these two brown eyed beauties are gonna melt your heart!




Ok, I HAD to show these – look at their little toes!!  It’s only at these ages that toes are this cute!

Though Angel & Jaqueline opted for portraits that focused mainly on their two little girls, I’m so happy to have capture this picturs above.  Look at how his little two year old beauty gazes at him so lovely.  LOVE it.

After wrapping up here at my home studio, we headed to a near by church.  [St. Charles Boorromeo] The colors & architectural details here offered the perfect compliment to the pictures we’ve already captured!

Angel & Jaqueline, it was a pleasure to see you both again.  It was an honor to photograph your little girls.  I know I’ve said it a thousand times – but they melt my heart!!!

To view your slideshow, click on the link below and make sure to turn up the volume.  Enjoy!


I love chucks.  I LOVE chucks on kids.

Check out this uber cute and stylish family portrait session at Luscher Farms.  I love photographing big kids with their little sisters – they are so sweet together!  Mari, I’m so happy to have finally met your family.  You all look gorgeous!

- Sneak Peek -

Here’s a little sneak peek of two very handsome little boys and their sweet family!  Two years ago, I captured Chase’s 1st year portraits and now he’s a big brother!!  Check out Chase and his little brother Camden.  Careful, they may just melt your heart!

More to come soon :)

This shot just cracks me up!  I just keeping seeing greeting cards in the near future ;)

Just look at that handsome start [insert heart here!]

I have to admit, enwrapped in wedding season – it had been quite a while since my last newborn session!  However, when your friend gives birth to one of the cutest little boys – how do you decline?!  Newborn sessions in general take a long time.  Most of my newborn photographer friends spend an average of 4 hours on each newborn session.  Really?  Ha.  YES!!!  Best done within 5-7 days of birth, there’s feeding, changing, napping and all other things to consider.  Though it’s not an easy task, the images are priceless [insert heart here!]  Here at Erica Hartman Photography we have a very lifestyle approach to Newborn Photography.  Though we like to bring in props from time to time for when baby is napping, we really LOVE to capture the interaction between mom, dad & their new little bundle of joy!  And if it’s not their first little bundle of joy, we encourage bringing along big brothers & sisters.  The first few weeks of getting to know a newest member of the family is something you only experience once.  We are honored to capture that for our clients.  We were especially honored to capture that for Angela & James.

These adorable newborn portraits were taken during our second session when Angela brought little Wes in to the studio.  There is something about tears & toes – I’m a sucker!

I know what you’re thinking.  Didn’t I just talk about how extensive Newborn Portrait Sessions were?  I sure did!  Than why, you ask, did I ask the entire family to venture out to Luscher Farms?!   We thought it would be a wonderful idea to pair Gods gifts of life [in all forms:] newborns & mother nature.  Beautiful.  Don’t you think?!  Angela, THANK YOU for trecking the entire family out to West Linn for your fist newborn session.  I am in love with how beautiful you all look!!

While mom was spending some much needed time with little Wesley, James & Hezzy went picking wild black berries – gotta love the Pacific NW!

A sleepy baby is precious and perfect for pictures.

If you LOVE these family portraits as much as I do, LIKE and let Angela & James know just how sweetly beautiful their family is!

xoxo ~ erica


 I love family portraits in the park.  And I loved meeting this little 1 year old (plus a couple months!) cutie!  Following her around was a definite work out.  Toddlers may not move with lightning speed, but they’re constantly on the go.  Like little lookie-loo’s… from one minute to the next, there’s always something to capture their attention :)  And there I was – ready to capture those captivated eyes.  Oh I just LOVE them!!

Here are three of my ultimate favorite expressions captured from their session…

What play date in the park is complete without a trip down the slide – on moms lap?!  And then a stroll in dads arms :)

Ahh-ha.  Gotcha.  But only for the second she stood still.  With a soccer player for a dad, I can only imagine she’ll have him running off the field too!

Jessica, it was such a pleasure meeting you and your sweet family!

OK, everyone knows I’m engaged.. and this engaged gal is definitely waiting until she walks down the isle [plus some!] before starting a family -

BUT, staring at this OH-SO-Gorgeous and in-love family is making me want my own little cutiepatuties!!

It’s always a pleasure.  But.  Really.  It was such a pleasure meeting the Hefley family just a few weeks ago.  It’s the kind of connection they have, and the desire to [just simply] want to be around one another, that I love capturing.  It’s why I photograph families :) Insert heart here!  Heading to the park for a jaunt of lifestyle photography (aka: family portraits) doesn’t necessarily mean zipping down the slides.  Sometimes the park just offers an opportunity to relax, have fun and be yourselves.  Like our kids.  Like we did when we were kids.  We took that opportunity and ran with it.  I’m in love with what we captured!

Polka dots.  Flowers. Joy. AND those Eyes!

All three have beautiful smiles and spirits to match.

Inspired by yesterdays ‘Tribute To Dad’ post, I went back over the past two years of portrait sessions searching for pictures of dads being used as JUNGLE GYMS!  Of course, I wasn’t completely surprised to find that in most of my family portrait sessions dads were: throwing kids up in the air, tossing ‘em up side down, giving piggy back rides, pushing little ones on the swings and offering their arms as a simple seat to rest in.  What can I say?  My work is ALL about capturing personalities and that wonderful family dynamic!  Dads [and moms!] provide comfort and support, encouragement and motivation – all the while, being big kids at heart!  Below are a few of my favorite shots – capturing dads doing what dads to best :)

With two cuties in gymnastics – Mike & Cindy are definitely jungle gym parents!

I just love the silly sweet faces kids make when being tossed in the air and swung upside down.  Nothing in the world but good ‘ol fashion fun can create this kind of laughter  :)

My fiance Rick with our God Son at the San Diego Zoo.  Why walk when you can piggy back?!

Go Andy GO!  With a daughter on the way, a little father / son time becomes precious – and a great work out!

….and when all the above has taken its tole, we have dads who help their little rascals explore!

A little rest from all that play.

Now that we have Bogey [our furry, four legged, lush of a kid!] my fiance and I have started to celebrate Mothers & Fathers Day as a family.  It may have simply been his desire for Mimosas this past Mothers Day morning that sparked our celebration – but nevertheless, it’s sweet & fun.  Like any parent, we love reminiscing about all of the silly little things are bully does and we completely acknowledge how much joy he’s brought into our lives!    Not to mention, he drools as much as every infant/toddler I’ve ever met!!  I now know why everyone suggests getting a dog before you have kids.  We’re happy we did :)

In honor of Fathers Day, I wanted to create a highlighted Tribute-to-Dads of all kinds….. dads of furry, four legged friends; first time dads; dads of an entire family clan; dads to all girls [oi vey!] Grand Dads and the God Dads.   So this week, I’ll be sharing all of the sweet, quirky, heroic & loving  father/family moments I had the honor of capturing over the past 6 years.  I hope it helps you all to realize just how important you are!

Todays Tribute to Dad post highlights the Rudkin Family!

Melissa sent me the BEST description of the family EVER [soon to be highlighted in our get-to-know-you forms!] – letting me know that their ’3 year old is a little fire cracker with a wild main of curly hair to match’ [love it!] and that their 10 year old, who is super athletic but a bit shy at first, is totally playful with dad, loving to tease and climb on him. Most kids LOVE turning their parents into their own personal jungle gym ;)  Check out jungle-gym-dad below – AWESOME!!

What a beautiful family you are – it was such a pleasure running around the park with you guys!!

I thought it would be great to start off with one of my most recent portrait sessions – The Oller Family.  We had a fun play date at Waluga Park – the perfect place for their little 1 year old to enjoy her new found [walking] independence!

Happy Fathers Day Ryan!  It was wonderful spending the morning with you, Sarah & your little cutie.

Look at those wondrous eyes!  With loving, helping hands – she’ll explore the world.

It was wonderful meeting Patti and her sweet family!  Their little cutie is a new walker and fast on her feet… heading straight for puddles whenever she had a chance :) I LOVE adventurous kids!!  I had a blast bopping around Millennium Park with them.  Next time though, I’m thinking we’ll trade in the cute threads for rain jackets and boots – this way, she can stomp around in the puddles all day long!  What do ya say?  Portraits, Portland style!


Family Portraits with Train Tracks

Enjoy your sneak peek.  The slide show and gallery will be up soon!