OK, everyone knows I’m engaged.. and this engaged gal is definitely waiting until she walks down the isle [plus some!] before starting a family -

BUT, staring at this OH-SO-Gorgeous and in-love family is making me want my own little cutiepatuties!!

It’s always a pleasure.  But.  Really.  It was such a pleasure meeting the Hefley family just a few weeks ago.  It’s the kind of connection they have, and the desire to [just simply] want to be around one another, that I love capturing.  It’s why I photograph families :) Insert heart here!  Heading to the park for a jaunt of lifestyle photography (aka: family portraits) doesn’t necessarily mean zipping down the slides.  Sometimes the park just offers an opportunity to relax, have fun and be yourselves.  Like our kids.  Like we did when we were kids.  We took that opportunity and ran with it.  I’m in love with what we captured!

Polka dots.  Flowers. Joy. AND those Eyes!

All three have beautiful smiles and spirits to match.