katherine + h.j. =  in love.  engaged. & tying the knot!

It’s not an overload of images if they’re all AMAZING, is it?  I couldn’t part with any of these and so I simply had to share them all!  Thank you -and- you’re welcome :)

These two lovebirds met while studying at the University of Oregon.  Ummmm.  Actually, I believe it was at a greek party – quite possibly their most memorable greek party ever.  Yup, I’d say that meeting your future Mr. & Mrs. to be is reason enough to take a little study break and head for the jello shots!   Quite a few years later they are more in love than ever, engaged and planning a wedding.  LOVE!  I know it’s a little less than a year away but I’m already looking forward to their wedding!  I had an amazing time venturing out for their engagement pictures – they are both as sweet as it gets!

Look at them.  Katherine & H.J – you both are glowing!

Katherine – you had the cutest, most comforted expressions when you were snuggling up together!

Dock-siders & strapy wedges are perfect accessories for an engagement session in the South Waterfront of Portland.

Dress by Anthropology.  Perfect for a little Marilyn Monroe breeze!

Ummm.  Can we say picture perfect smiles?!

Oh yes.  Did I mention we went SAILING?  Did I mention it was my first sailing trip EVER?!

H.J’s father is an oh-so-adventurous sailor and was happy to steer the wheel for a while.  I actually think he would have preferred to nix the pictures completely and sail full speed ahead!  With the wind, the choppy seas and an adventure seeking captain, exciting doesn’t even begin to describe my fist sailing trip – I’m totally hooked!  I should also note that all of my equipment is now fully insured ;)

Katherine & H.J. – as the boat was rocking side to side,  you two did an amazing job of blocking out the wind and hamming it up for the camera.  You both look cool, calm, collected and gorgeous!   You totally rocked your engagement session and I hope you’re loving your pictures as much as I do.  Cheers to your upcoming wedding!