I love family portraits in the park.  And I loved meeting this little 1 year old (plus a couple months!) cutie!  Following her around was a definite work out.  Toddlers may not move with lightning speed, but they’re constantly on the go.  Like little lookie-loo’s… from one minute to the next, there’s always something to capture their attention :)  And there I was – ready to capture those captivated eyes.  Oh I just LOVE them!!

Here are three of my ultimate favorite expressions captured from their session…

What play date in the park is complete without a trip down the slide – on moms lap?!  And then a stroll in dads arms :)

Ahh-ha.  Gotcha.  But only for the second she stood still.  With a soccer player for a dad, I can only imagine she’ll have him running off the field too!

Jessica, it was such a pleasure meeting you and your sweet family!