Now that we have Bogey [our furry, four legged, lush of a kid!] my fiance and I have started to celebrate Mothers & Fathers Day as a family.  It may have simply been his desire for Mimosas this past Mothers Day morning that sparked our celebration – but nevertheless, it’s sweet & fun.  Like any parent, we love reminiscing about all of the silly little things are bully does and we completely acknowledge how much joy he’s brought into our lives!    Not to mention, he drools as much as every infant/toddler I’ve ever met!!  I now know why everyone suggests getting a dog before you have kids.  We’re happy we did :)

In honor of Fathers Day, I wanted to create a highlighted Tribute-to-Dads of all kinds….. dads of furry, four legged friends; first time dads; dads of an entire family clan; dads to all girls [oi vey!] Grand Dads and the God Dads.   So this week, I’ll be sharing all of the sweet, quirky, heroic & loving  father/family moments I had the honor of capturing over the past 6 years.  I hope it helps you all to realize just how important you are!

Todays Tribute to Dad post highlights the Rudkin Family!

Melissa sent me the BEST description of the family EVER [soon to be highlighted in our get-to-know-you forms!] – letting me know that their ’3 year old is a little fire cracker with a wild main of curly hair to match’ [love it!] and that their 10 year old, who is super athletic but a bit shy at first, is totally playful with dad, loving to tease and climb on him. Most kids LOVE turning their parents into their own personal jungle gym ;)  Check out jungle-gym-dad below – AWESOME!!

What a beautiful family you are – it was such a pleasure running around the park with you guys!!

I thought it would be great to start off with one of my most recent portrait sessions – The Oller Family.  We had a fun play date at Waluga Park – the perfect place for their little 1 year old to enjoy her new found [walking] independence!

Happy Fathers Day Ryan!  It was wonderful spending the morning with you, Sarah & your little cutie.

Look at those wondrous eyes!  With loving, helping hands – she’ll explore the world.